Photo A tour of the palace of Parliament

A tour of the palace of Parliament

Palace of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament is the head office of the Parliament of Romania. It is located in central Bucharest, Romania. This administrative building is a popular tourist attraction due to its size.

The colossal Palace of Parliament is 84 meters high, and its surface covers 335,000 square meters. The opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Hundreds of visitors take a tour of this colossal Palace everyday, and discover its beauty. The Palace of Parliament is so fascinating with its amazing architecture. The site encompasses other interesting touristic attractions.

The most interesting tourist attractions at the Palace of Parliament

  • The Palace of Parliament: Before visiting the Palace, buy your ticket ahead of time. Before entering the Palace, you will have to go through an identity check and screening. Visitors must bring their passports. If you plan to take pictures, you have to pay the photography fee ahead of time. Go through the Grand Hall. Take a guided tour of the Palace. Visit the large Conference Room. Walk along the outstanding carpets, and explore the halls. The sight of the marble halls and stairs is so amazing. It is mind-boggling to see the lavish crystals, marbles and embroidery inside the Palace of Parliament. Discover the fascinating chandeliers, the palatial rooms, and the office where Ceaucescu once ruled. Learn about the Romanian history during the guided tour of the government halls and galleries. 
  • National Museum of Contemporary Art: The Museum is a popular tourist attraction, featuring modern and medieval works of art by renowned Romanian and international artists. The collections belong to the Romanian royal family. 
  • Bucharest National Opera House: It is where operas and ballets are performed. It is a popular venue for the local people and tourists. 
  • Escape Arena. If you are looking for fun time, the Escape Arena is the best place to go. Visit Indiana Jones Escape Room and get fully emerged in a fascinating adventure. 
  • Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History: The museum features artifacts about natural history which are so impressive. It is also famous for the skeleton of a Deinotherium Gigantissimum, the only dinosaur skeleton which has been left intact in the world.

A visit at The Palace of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament in Romania is endowed with a rich historical heritage. Its lavish architecture will fascinate you and keep you interested throughout this discovery trip to Romania.

It was once the office of the most powerful ruler in Romania. The guided tour of the Palace will impart you with much knowledge about Romanian history and government.

Apart from that, several attractions are available just around the Palace of Parliament to keep you informed. Your visit can end with an unforgettable evening at the Escape Arena where operas and ballets are performed.

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