A three day trip in Bucharest

A three day trip in Bucharest

Romania, between the West and the East, is often described as an island of Latinity in a Slavic ocean. As Romanian is indeed a Romance language, it may be more interesting for you to visit Bucharest than other cities in the Balkans.

Capital and largest city of Romania, Bucharest has a very contrasting urban landscape between the horrible government buildings and the magnificent buildings of the old neighborhoods.

Bucharest is indeed the largest city in Romania, with 1,883,425 inhabitants and its historical and cultural heritage, like that of all European capitals, is infinitely rich. Bucharest is home to a singular blend of Balkan traditions and Western modernity, sprinkled with relics from the days of Nicolae Ceau?escu's communist dictatorship.

Where to stay in Bucharest?

You do not know where to sleep? To guide you, here is a list of neighborhoods to stay in Bucharest. ­

  • Lipscani: The old town has been reborn from its ashes and is an open-air museum of antiquated times. It is nicknamed the 'Little Paris' because there are many pedestrian streets, old stalls and bookstores, old buildings rehabilitated, trendy bars and art galleries attracting young designers. It is today a Nice neighborhood where you can stay in Bucharest, especially if you are in family and you like the popular areas of the night owls and artists. ­
  • Calea Victorei: The "Avenue de la Victoire" is a 2,700-meter-long boulevard which offers several types of atmosphere if you go up the city center. To enjoy Bucharest away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, this area can be a great place to stay in Bucharest, if you like shopping or quiet places. ­
  • ?oseaua Kiseleff: This is the place of enjoyment for Romanian youth, who comes to chat with friends in trendy bars and lounge clubs. Fine restaurants, tearooms, beauty treatments and quiet days on the waterfront are waiting for you if you choose this area to stay in Bucharest.

What to see in Bucharest?

One thing is sure, when we start to visit Bucharest, we discover how Bucharest was built barely 550 years ago by a shepherd according to legend, who was at the origin of its name. The city seems torn between a complex past and a crazed desire of modernity. In any case, Bucharest has a number of interesting sites for curious minds. ­

  • Unmissable tours in Bucharest: Stavropoleos Orthodox Church, Romanian Parliament, National Bank of Romania, Romanian Athenaeum, Coltea, old city center of Bucharest, Herestrau, the Bucharest Garden ­
  • Culture and Museums in Bucharest: Filipescu-Cesianu House, Museum of Romanian Peasant, Radio Museum, Bucharest Botanical Garden

Where and how to book?

For a weekend of relaxation and discovery, Bucharest is an excellent destination. As a family, a trip there is ideal for combining culture and European heritage with pleasure and relaxation. As a couple, it is a quiet destination and conducive to love. And especially alone, it's a perfect spot to relax.

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